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My 125g bimaculoide den

The Gnome

Feb 5, 2006
Hello everyone out there in the briny deep !

I have been dilligently working for the last several months calibrating my system and making sure it's strong before introducing a bimaculoide octopus into it. I currently have a 125g species specific oceanic aquarium with dual durso overflows. Recessed in the stand is a 55g aquarium that is my sump. (I haven't moved the liverock down there yet, I'm toying with the idea of using argonite substrate or just whiteboard like in the 125)
I'm running an Iwaki 40RLT external waterpump, which pushes the water into the ALS predator 4 downdraft skimmer that I have set up on a table to the left of the aquarium. The bottom of the skimmer is plumbed into a small 10g rubbermaid tub, which in turn is plumbed on the other side with PVC running through the side of the stand into the sump. ( I used a rubbermaid because I cracked a 20g long and 4 10g aquariums trying to tighten the bulkheads ... probably too much ! )
I just have a basic aquamedic internal water pump returning the water through the built in pipes in the durso overflows.

I still have a lot of work to do on this when referring to containment of a cephalopod, but here's some pics of what I have now.
Check it out




Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated as I'm still knee deep in the process of preparing for my bimac. Thanks ! :sagrin:
Yeah ! I just have to borrow the digital camera again from my friend ... the pictures of my plumbing will be posted as soon as possible !

I appreciate the compliments ... you guys made me blush :oops:

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