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moving tank setup

Jan 31, 2003
Hello all. This is my first post here and I would like to say that this is a wonderfully informative site. I currently own a saltwater aquarium and have been entertaining the idea of setting up a second tank for an octopus (probably a bimac). My girlfriend and I will probably be moving around July and I'm wondering if I could start setting up a tank now and move it in 6 months, or if I should just wait. Has anyone on the board moved an aquarium w/ octopus before? We would be moving about 3-4 hours away and I could move the whole setup at one time. Do you think there would be a problem with taking the tank down most of the way, and transporting the aquarium, water, and octopus seperately. I know they get stressed out easily but I guess it would be the same as shipping. Do you guys think this is possible or should I just wait? Thanks, John
Greeteings John! Welcome to TONMO.com... glad you like it! :biggrin2:

I am not (yet) a tank owner and am a complete novice on the subject and so I can't really offer any educated advice myself... But there are people here who definitely know more than a thing or two about octopus stress, etc., and I'm sure people here have dealt with a move before.

:twocents: From a practical standpoint, it sounds to me like 6 months would be worth the wait, rather than disrupting the balance of your tank after 6 months of effort. But I guess you'll be dealing with that issue for your first tank, anyhow... Have you decided on all the materials you want to buy for your octo tank? Some people spend months weighing options and researching equipment... But again, since you're already a saltwater tank owner, perhaps you're ready to go...

Anyone out there have experience with this?
Tony is right!

I am planning to move in the not to distant future if some things go to plan and i am not setti8ng up any more aquaria for that reason... good advice :smile: just wait, it'll be somuch easier and a lot less hassle and worry while moving... its bad enough as it is without worying about such a sensitive beastie!


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