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Feb 11, 2004
As far a keeping goes what are the differences between Octopus Bimaculoides and Octopus Bimaculatus? Size?

I see where Nancy says that the Bimaculoides make the best pet, why?

My LFS had a wild caught octo that they said came from the caribean, it looked like what I read, was a veined octopus. It had a mantle that was approx. 2" long and the arms appeared to be approx. 8-10" long and they were webbed. It was very inquisitive, it seemed to follow me as I passed the tank several times, and I'd swear that it was trying to touch me. I wish I knew what it was. It looked like the photo of Nancy's "ollie", but I saw no ocelli. He was adorable.

I am getting ready to setup a 40 gallon acylic tank for a Bimaculoides, I think. Is that too small? I have thought about the setup for quite some time. I plan to drill two 1" bulkheads through the back wall for feed to a wet/dry, and a 1/2" bulkhead for return from wet/dry. I have a seaclone skimmer for inside the sump. I plan to put the heater in the sump. I plan to cover all the holes on the top with acrylic, thumb-screwed down with nylon screws. I wish the tank was bigger though. I already have this 40 gallon, and I'm not currently using it.
The difference is size, different pattern in false eye spot, and the size of the eggs. Bimaculoides is smaller and available for purchase.

Bimacs make the best pets because you can get a tank raised bimac and because they're friendly and active during the day. They don't try to escape as much as other species, either.

The octopus you saw might be a briareus. And yes, it might have tried to touch you. They can be very friendly. I once visited one that sat in the bottom of the tank and stuck up its long arms to play with my fingers.

We recommend a 50 gallon tank for a bimaculoides. Also, be careful that a tank you have lying around has never been used for any copper treatment, which could be fatal to an octo.


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