More Spartacus pics....!

last but not least I took this one late one night when after all his lights were out I caught Spartacus going for a late night stroll along the glass... :biggrin2:
Well he changes colour so often I still havent figured out what species he is!! all I know is that he has great personality, is day active and lastnight ... wait for it.... we touched for the first time!!!!! - Ahhh... im never washing that hand again.... :wink:
So yeah anyways if anyone can figure out what he might be ( keeping in mind hes from Australia) I'd be rapped!!

Also does any one have any ideas about what all the different colours mean as far as emotions happy sad.. angry etc?

Nice photos K. Good to finaly see the grandchild. Try compressing not zipping the photos before you post them. (I would not be your mother if I didn't give you advice now would I??) James wants to see the new addition in person. Tell R. we all had normal pets before you met him I BLAME HIM TOTALLY! Don't stay out too late you have an octopus to look after don't forget!! Your MOTHER! :[/b]
nothing like the internet to do some (what i assume is) long distance nagging! :lol: Welocme Mum! :welcome: Krogey, theyre great pix....
:welcome:, mum! Are we all sort of adopted, now? I've been looking for a new e-mother. Or cybermother. Or iMother. Whatever. Anyway, it is cool having you as a member.
OMG how embarresment!!!!

i guess it just proves that no matter where you are no matter what your doing ...they will find you!!!!!

Im sure she'd love to be everyones adopted mum... hopefully it will take some of the heat off me!!! :lol:

thanks again everyone... hopefully i can have some more for you soon... :biggrin2:

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