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mini beasties!!

Jul 24, 2003
We ahve amphipods and i think copepods!!! whey heyy!!! weird little things arent they!!!

Just wondering were they come from?? were they living in my rock all the time during the cycle??

I saw the occasional dead one or half dead one floating round towards the end of the cycle an now see a few scampering over the rocks!!


will i have millions in a few months or when i put my two clowns in will they eat them all??

hi scouse

yeah they come off the live rock and in a ceph tank its actually a good thing to have millions as they are a good food for baby cephs and good scavengers for the messy adults cephs... yes clowns will eat them :smile:
brilliant!! cheers Colin

thing is i dont want the clowns to eat them...suppose even if i try to feed the clowns 'well' they'll still eat them since fish are always hungry :lol:
em well... for the first day anyway! LOL a hatching of baby cuttles would clear it out in hours LOL
I have some baby cuttle in the main system, and they eat far more than the babies left in the breeder nets - so I have no doubt that should a hatch happen in a main tank, pods would be cleared out within hours/days.
There is a cul;ture jsut growin an growin in there!!

The big starfish is sittin in the middle of the tank and catchin them as they get a bit close as well thou!! :biggrin2:
Your posts aren't gone - As a moderator, I could see if they were deleted - soooo, I imagine that you forgot to press the submit button, just like all of us do from time to time.

Actually Nancy, I deleted them and removed them from sight as 'deleted posts'. We can go back and make deletions more final rather than leaving a 'message deleted' post.

Chrono... This is partly due to the fact that they were off topic and not adding anything to the thread. Nothing personal. If you think back to the PMs we had several months ago you will remember that I said I would do this from time to time? I actually delete half a dozen of your posts a month :oops:
My mistake - I can only see what I personally have deleted (doesn't show on the forum). We are trying to keep the Ceph Care threads on topic. So lets delete these few posts, too.

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