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Mimzy arrived!

Jun 3, 2007
I finally got my Filosus from saltwaterfish.com! It was supposed to arrive yesterday morning but the flight was delayed or something. When I opened the bag he was all white and I was afraid that he was dead, but he looks like he's doing better.

I tried offering him a piece of shrimp. The first time he pulled it in stick and all. I was afraid that the pointy part of the stick would jab him so I pulled pretty hard and he let go of both =\
Second and third attempts he just pushed it away so I gave up. I guess I wouldn't want a meal after a long and stressful flight too.


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Thanks =D So happy! He's been moving around his tank a lot and I just managed to feed him some thawed shrimp. He still did the same thing and held onto the stick but this time I just let him have it. He eventually tossed it away and began consuming the shrimp!

His mantle is about 3 inches long and the arms are about 4 inches long. It's kind of hard to know though because he hasn't stretched out for me yet. I'll update this if I can find out the exact measurements.

=P I'll try that the next time I feed him!

More pictures! I thought it was interesting when my brother asked where the beak was. We couldn't find it! So I assumed that there is a flap of skin that covers it or something.


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Their beak is in a ring of skin, so its not technically concealed...but is considered internal as opposed to Squid's beaks which are very easily seen.

Usually you can see an octopuses beak if they expand well enough.
Most cephs have the beak held in by a mass of tissue and muscle called the buccal mass. You may be able to see the tip of the beak if your octopus sits on the glass, we often can with our midget octopus. It is right in the centre of the arms. Even in live squid the beaks will not necessarily be visible, it never has been in the few live squid we've had (generally for a VERY short time :cry:). Steve or Kat may be able to add more, as they have much more experience with live squid than I have!!!

Hey that octo looks wicked. It looks massive also :0

Do you get big ones like that on saltwaterfish.com, the ones that cost 50 bucks? Also, how many gallon tank do you have?

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