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Apr 20, 2005
I just looked up mimic octopus and there is a site absolutlyfish that had a pic of one I asked them if they had them for sale. I now your not suposes to buy theys but maby tonmo care takers could resurch one just a thought.
Until field work has been done with these rare animals, keeping one in captivity is almost criminal...

Yeah, field research need to be done on these guys to establish lots first. They are unfortunately coming into this country. Dr Ron has posted his feeling on this on TONMO i'm sure, so a search would bring up his posts.

I have however been invited to a reaserch centre who is working with these (or wonderpus) to have a look behind the scenes and speak to the guys/get some info.

A species to stay away from for the time being I think.
I would guess that before we can attempt to breed them, we need to find out their reproductive details (maturity, courtship, egg laying info, etc) first - which means..... more field study.
Clownfish...you really need to sit back a bit. Breeding (breading?) mimics and wonderpii are quite a ways off...maybe even generations, perhaps just a few decades. Ripping animals out of the wild to just die in one of our tanks is a weak excuse for having an octo. Better off to just observe for a while, huh?

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