• Looking to buy a cephalopod? Check out Tomh's Cephs Forum, and this post in particular shares important info about our policies as it relates to responsible ceph-keeping.


I've decided that I'm firmly of the "don't encourage this" camp on this subject. Too many of the experts are of a mind on the trafficking of Mimics and other poorly-understood rare cephs for me to question their judgement.
I'm personally against the keeping of Mimics and pro Flamboyant Cuttlefish only because Flamboyants have a chance to be captive bred, where Mimics can't.
I would love to provide you with the phone number of the shop to help encourage the owner not to buy them. I also believe as you do. i just wanted to inform eveyone about this as i have already complained.
Selling mimics is all sorts of wrong...But honestly Id have trouble not buying it if I saw it at a local store..

Its that catch 24 where the creature is already in the shop. It will mostly die if someone else ttakes it, since octos at my local shop are bought through uneducated impulsive buys.. But if you will buy it, it can promote them purchasing more, but you save the life of this individual.

And why am I posting this when im in Japan!! Because I just experienced a day without sleep that lasted for what seems to be 40 hours!! Im trying to keep myself awake until its late night here, and Ive no energy to do anything else!!

Ok..gonna go get lost in translation or something.. Lrip my stockings!
I live in Dallas and I'm going to join i need cuttle in talking to this LFS.

At one time i thought it was good to try to save the individual, but I haven't seen that turn out so well, either. So some situations have no good solution. The important thing is to let any LFS with a mimic (or wunderpus) know that there are better octos available as pets and that they shouldn't carry mimics.

It is way too sad. One should see them in their own habitat. I saw this one in Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.


Here it is doing a mimic of a ray.

So just a follow up - I did phone up that LFS and have a serious talk with the owner, who was not receptive to what I was saying.

Later I heard it had died, as did the one at another LFS here in town. :angelpus:


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