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Micron Sock -what size micron?

Jan 4, 2006
The tank is 240 gallons with a 90 gallon sump, the filter processes approx. 25 gpm accounting for the bends in piping. The drilled rubbermaid drip plate is approx. 12" x 32" with 1/4 holes drilled throughout. The first chamber in the sump holds 30 gallons of bioballs in 2 stacked rubbermaids that hold 33 gallons each(20 in the first, 10 partially submerged in the second -I got a deal on bioballs :wink: )

I could easily put on a micron sock, but I have never used one before. What micron size would be optimum for my system?

The water enters into the system through a single large overflow, using (2) 1 1/2 inch durso standpipes and drains down clear flexible PVC to the top of the drip plate (tub). I could attach the socks to the pipe outlets which are just bulkheads screwed into the tub top (used to make it quieter and stop splashing.)

Would the socks restrict flow?
I currently have a thick course sponge block under each bulkhead to quiet it down even more, but they are course enough not to restrict. The water coming down the pipe is just gravity fed (with a little suction form the Dursos) and I don't want the tank to overflow. With the original floss the tank wouldn't overflow, just the drip plate tub, which would overflow to the top of the wet/dry -so no problem.

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