Mating Architeuthis

Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Attached is a pretty low-resolution image of two mating Architeuthis (male at rear); I did the drawing a month-or-so back. A much higher resolution copy (it looks much better than the attached) is coming out on the cover of a book due out shortly (on squid; not mine). When the book (journal) comes out, given it is full of cephalopod papers, I'll post the details to purchase it online.

Nevertheless, someone (not me) would like to turn this image into a T-shirt, and wanted to know if anyone was interested in purchasing one (~ $13). If you are just drop me a pm and I'll indicate numbers. They need a run of about 50 T-shirts to justify the expense; they have orders for ~ 15 to date (but it hasn't been advertised).

If someone wants to buy the original inking, drop me a line also and I can send them a higher resolution (300 dpi) scan; monies would go towards purchase of new sampling equipment needed for a .... secret .... forthcoming expedition. We take no holidays here in NZ!

There is no bleeding of pixels on the original, no smudges, and very clear constrast between arms, mantle, head etc.; the quality of the attached is simply an artefact of scanning and reduction in size; it is done with a 0.18 rotring.

I've placed this here rather than in marketplace, because of the squid nature of envisaged discussion.

.... I think you would be too, that is if a fully mature male giant squid embraced you in that manner, and started stabbing 'stuff' into your legs :wink:
Oh I don't know....there's some people out there who might pay for such an experience!

Brill picture, Steve. It's my wallpaper now!
this picture brings back up a question i had meant to ask before steve..... have you always been a fairly good artist or have your skills developed through the years of diagraming this and that?

Secret; wait till I post a pic of the final cover design online, higher res.
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