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marine medicines


Apr 18, 2004
alright...ive got it through my skull...copper is bad, no copper is good. As i am buying a 2nd hand tank what are the odds that they will have used a medicine containing copper...

no idea myself how common it is!

Of course i wont buy a tank im not 99% sure about. what i need to know is what medicines should i ask about or look out for. I will take a sample of their water but some of the tanks arent so close to home so it would be handy to have some idea of marine meds which have copper so i can ask over the phone first! Is there a list somewhere or could everyone contribute a few they know of?

thanks for your help

hi sam,
there are a huge amount of copper based meds out there and i dont think you'll find a complete list...

you are right in thinking that only a water test will show you the truth but if the tank has healthy inverts living in it right now then that is at least a good sign before you buy it
i can take a sample to the pool shop for a test. Im going to check out a 6' tank soon - next week? - so ill get a sample if they let me...thanks for the reply
Thanks B O E

had heard of copper in ich treatment - i thought ich was freshwater!!! Guess again...shows how little i know!!! :|

What cephs do you have BOE?
ahhh so the agent is yours!!!

nice guy

yeah i know there is freshwater ich but i thought i had read - in a forum perhaps - not sure - that there was a marine variety? Sorry forgot to mention its a marine tank already!

thanks BOE
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