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Marcus and Victor are doing fine after 2 weeks from octopets. they like the 240


Aug 21, 2004
at first I coulndt find either one of them in my 8 foot long 2 foot tall and 2 foot wide tank,

but after 3 days i found one of them in a little hole on my live rock , 2 weeks later which is today, I have found the other one , about 4 feet from the other octopus. he stays in anothe rock

I bought 600 nassarius obseleta snails on ebay for like $15 which was cheap, and I had them all in the 240 for 2 months before I got the octopus' but i recentely caught all of them out and because i had so many , they were dieing without good filtration and a good protien skimmer, so i just went ahead and added them into the tank, This way my octopus wont ever starve,

maybe when they get larger they will lose some of their interest in this type of snail , (like my old one did, he got tired of the same food allt he time) and eat some different and bigger kinds of food

by the way , marcus and victor came from the movie UNDERWORLD lol

ill show you guys some pictures soon

hey nancy , make srue you add me to the list for this time

these make #2 and #3 for me
yes im looking at this website called critters or something for crabs

i want to get them some crabs
but im not paying 1.50 for them each at the petstore,

they really like the snails that i got off of ebay

i hope they grow fast , im wanting them to get bigger quick

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