Lurker removed after 4 years.

Aug 7, 2006
: Hello all, I just wanted to say hi after lurking for so long, all the info I got from yall helped my little cuttles live for a healthy lifespan :smile:. I felt it was finally time to start chiming in more and more so I can have a good setting for my next batch.

I am also doing some of my own freshwater amphibian studies here in Wisconsin and hope to grow that out to some ocean studies as I get closer to my degree :roll: . Stupid paper on the wall :tongue:

Thanks for your information and very odd funny posts from time to time.:lol:
Welcome to Tonmo, sounds like you are heading in a neat direction !

Im going to school currently at Univ. Wisconsin Green Bay, I was an air force kid growing up and decided I liked that part of the midwest the most. Forests winters and freshwater :boat: :boat:
Phil said:
Howdo, sir. What kept you?

Mostly Access to a credit card, and never having the urge to post. Ive pretty much played the quiet observer for most of my life. :silenced:.

I wanted to be a supporter and post instead of just a random person using the forum. :razz:

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