Los Angeles Based Octo-Head

Jan 22, 2020
los angeles
Hey everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum and I've had such a good time looking at all the information being shared!

I've always been fascinated/a little obsessed with cephalopods (particularly octopuses) and this site has been amazing to see. I'm a professional writer/photographer/producer based in Los Angeles -- so if anyone wants some high quality ceph photos of their critters please let me know as I love natural photography.

My biggest goal is to someday set up my own tank system so I can potentially home my own octopus. They're such fascinating, intelligent creatures and I would love the chance to observe and care for one full time. I think that's it!! Thanks for the community you've built and can't wait to explore more.
Awesome, thanks for joining TONMO! You've definitely come to the right place. Enjoy the perusal of all the great content, and please do participate wherever you're inclined; we love to interact with fellow ceph-heads! :octopus:

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