looking for someone with a pet octopus in nyc


Dec 8, 2004
I am looking to interview octopus enthusiasts for a radio segment in NYC. Do you have a pet octopus? Know anyone who has a pet octopus in or around NYC? I would be very interested in speaking with you.

Welcome to TONMO. I think there are at least a few ceph keepers in the NYC area, and certainly plenty of enthusiasts (like me). Off to search the banks. In the meantime, perhaps someone will pipe up.


mmcmurray: WELCOME to TONMO from another new person.
it would be cool if those not in NYC could hear your segment.

in any event, good luck. atticus finch :smile:

Much the same could be said of Western Connecticut. Carol, this looks like a job for you.

TONMO member Manny is, I believe, a New Yorker, and his octo experienced a traumatic ride through his tank's sump. This was back in February of 2003. Click here to view that thread. Manny, are you still with us?

Yep, I heard that Howard Stern is going to have a "blue ring" octopus channel on Sirius radio next year...
no really.
Have been in contact with and we maybe meeting in NYC next weekend, should Jess and I get up early enough to catch a train and brave it into the city!

So glad to see the word getting out about these magnificent creatures!!!

Way to go Carol !!! Let us know how it goes !!

p.s. wk, you aren't part of the moral majority now, are you? :biggrin2:

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