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local foods?

Nov 1, 2006
so i live like 5 blocks away from the beach and it gets some really nice tidepools at low tide, am i allowed to get octo food like fish from there? theres usually a bunch of silver fish about 1inch long, are these silersides? and would the beach stuff be ok for an octo to eat? cause im having trouble finding live octo food locally.. also, are fiddlers fresh or saltwater crabs? i have a hang-on-type thing i could turn into a habitat for them that has suction cups and could go above the water line of my sump, but i am worried about the saility's effect since the container has small holes on the outside
I don't know whether it's legal to gather from tidepools or whether you need a permit, but there's certainly food there for your octopus. In fact, they hunt in tidepools - have a look at marineboy's posts about tidepools and bimacs.

Fiddlers live in brackish water - on the Gulf, they live on the beach a bit away from the shore, but where it's still damp. They don't really live in the water - most of the time. I've had them survive 3 or 4 weeks in saltwater.

The easiest way to keep them is to set up a plastic container with a few inches of sand and a "pool" of water - you can feed them good quality fish flakes sprinkled on the sand, lettuce, and popped popcorn (buy a bag of popcorn grains, pop it in a microwave popper without oil - don't add butter or salt). I know this sounds odd, but they love it.

By the way, where are you - California?

alright, thanks! east coast of florida. the type of octo i am getting lives pretty much right off the coast, but hopefully mine wont come that way. im trying to get a non-wild caught one.

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