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Local Bimacs


Blue Ring
Dec 20, 2002
I was at That Fish Place yesterday and saw they had 2 Bimacs, they are under the name "common octopus." I am not an expert of ID'ing octo's but I am almost 100% they are Bimacs. I was just letting everyone know because I know some people wait for them to get Bimacs in. Both their mantles had a length of about 2" and a total length of about 9" To bad I dont have a tank setup for octos yet, but at least I bought a rock with 3 rics, a big shroom rock, and some yellow polyps.
hey, thanks for letting us know :) (not much i can do about it though *sobs*) LOLOL

Anyway, how did your new animals do? I had rics for 2 yrs and they were pretty big.. then i gave them to a guy with a HUGE tank... they have spread really well and some of the larger ones are about 10" across! No joke! they really are huge! I think they are my fav :)
"red independent cephalopod" ?
"roaming innocuous cucumber"?
no, no... it must be this:
"rabid idealogical cryptozoologist"

could it be anything else? :jester:

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