live rock

Apr 20, 2005
I have just ordered some live rock! It will be hear in 4 days! 20lds.
All I have to do now is get some ph down. After that I can get a bimac. After he gets to big I will get a 55 gallon with some live sand 55 lbs. so the 55 gallon is cycled if this isn't with that I will purchase some cycled water from a local pet store or same one with a cycled marine tank.

Hi Clownfish,

I understand that you're eager to have an octopus, but there are no real shortcuts to setting up a good marine tank. Slow down and enjoy the process.

The live rock will cause your tank to cycle - did you get cured or uncured live rock? Do some reading about the process so you understand what is happening.

There's a learning curve for everyone with their first saltwater tank and there are no instant solutions.

One thing you should be looking ahead to is how you will maintain your tank (water changes, tests, etc.) and where you will buy food for a future octopus. It will need some live food.


I have purchased cured live rock. I haven’t read up on the process but I will tonight. I am trying to take this slowly. I now how I will do water changes and test ext. I also didn’t mention I am planning on getting some natures Ocean live sand to get rid of my ammonia and stabilize my PH. I have thought this through and am trying to make the best choices. Am I doing something wrong?
I have just read one magazine article and three web pages that say you can cure your live rock in a plastic bin and not have to recycle your tank. My live rock is already cured and if I get Kent marine rock prep I can scrub it down and do water changes over a week period and end up with great live rock.
no mate sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you'll still need to cycle.

my live rock came from a mature tank and was transported in a couple of hours, i used a third water from that tank then new water but still had a cycle. i still had die off and you will get more if your scrubbing it.

slow it down mate and you'll thank yourself later.

i know its frustrating but im in the same boat as you!!

Hello clownfish,

I remember we had a very similar conversation (ready for the octopus) not too long ago. Have you done some reading? As far as I remember, your understanding of how to maintain a reef tank was, I might say, very basic.

You have to cycle your tank! This process takes, to be honest, at least 3 months, even with live rock and sand.

Putting in an octo now or anytime soon is going to kill it. It is a living creature, you are responsible for his/her well-being.

Be patient, read a lot, test a lot, have fun watching your tank mature...
Good advice...take it nice and slow...hey, it may take 4 months! There is no timetable...but the end results are spectacular!!!

Yeah, take you time, its the most important part of the recipe for a successful tank

So just throw the LR in there? I'm getting a 55 soon so what is the point of cycling a 30? Its been 4 months that I’ve had the tank. I failed on a community tank. Fish were in my tank that should have sparked my cycle. And it’s been a couple of months since then. I now scrubbing of the entire rock would be insane because that kills the biological filtration and the pretty coralline algae. I'm just going to scrub of the stowaways with clumps of dead parts on it. Wouldn’t it just give me an ammonia spick if I put the LR there? But really I want a healthy happy octopus so 4 more months it is. Oh ya I changed my email it is now [email protected]

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