Little Pod Isn't So Little


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
This is the latest report on Little Pod, the briareus who grew from a hatchling in my small tank, hiding for 4 months.

After one week of hiding and barely showing herself, Little Pod has apparently gained confidence and was all over the tank. She did many color changes, suckered onto the glass (which we'd never seen her do) and was generally outgoing. What a change!

She is also a bit bigger than I thought - sometimes her arms reached 3 or 4 inches, although they are slim. Her mantle is slighly more than an inch.

She is quite different from a bimac and I'm having some trouble getting used to her bicolor look - white arms and red-brown or light green mantle. Once she was white with red brown spots. She doesn't do textures much, mostly color.

Glad she is becoming friendlier! She is still terrified of the feeding stick and hides when she sees it.

Here is a pic of Little Pod near the bubbler.


I have two tanks, Oscar, a small invetebrate tank (19 gallons) where Little Pod grew up, and a 46 gallon octo tank with no octo inhabitant at present.

If you notice the more recent post, Little Pod passed away suddenly, for reasons unknown.


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