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Apr 17, 2004

greetings from Belgium :notworth:

I'm realy interested in octopus care and more specially in everything that has to do with the Octopus Joubini (pygmy).

Nevertheless I don't seem to find much written information about it.

Can anyone please recommend certain books or papers?

You can always add me on MSN to discuss this matter!

Thanx a lot in advance.

Before I dive into this adventure, I'd like to be well prepared...


Hi Michael,

Welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

You'll find a lot of general information about keeping octopuses here on TONMO.com, probably more than you'll find anywhere else - be sure to have a look at the articles (click on Ceph Care above).

There is only a third of a page on O. joubini in Cephalopods: A World Guide. Perhaps someone else can recommend some articles.

Thx 4 the heartwarming welcome :biggrin2:

I only seem to find the fact about the large eggs and short lifespan (6 months)...

So I'd like to create a special (large) tank with lotsa nice hiding places where I can keep at least 4 of the O. Joubini. Hoping that at least one would repreduce (which will be very hard work to make them survive).

So I'm still looking for info about the keeping and breeding of those cute little fellows :P

(i've allready thought of some really cool 'feeding toys' so they'll still have to work for their food (if strong enough) ).

Friendly greetings

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Is there anyone who can help me find these works ???????
Looked almost everywhere, no results... :frown:
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