Lil Pumpkin Update


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Tonight, my sons came over for dinner and of course the main topics of conversation were Ink and Lil Pumpkin! They are simply amazed that I have 2 octopuses and now refer to Ink as "The Beast"!! Anyway, Lil P was nowhere to been seen. They looked for him for about 2 hours and nowhere! As they were leaving, Kevin looks at the tank one last time, and there he was. Sitting out in the open, looking like a blob of discolored gum! So we proceeded to catch a crab and throw it in. He of course came right to life and grabbed it, but the difference this time was we were watching the crab trying to pinch him with it's claws. Lil P grabs the claws with a sucker on each so he can't get pinched. As we watched, after about 5 minutes the crab went into shakes, spasms and then went still. This is the first time I have ever been able to actively observe what happens once an octopus grabs it's meal. My sons were amazed at the time in which it took for his bite to affect the crab. They wanted to know what the effect of a bite to us would be. I remember reading it's like a bee sting and depending on a person's sensitivity would be the amount of reaction. It was really interesting to observe.

Hi Carol,

When Ollie was young, she would so disguise herself to match the rocks that I could stare right at here and not see her! I think they all have that wonderful ability.

Glad Lil Pumpkin is doing so well. Please update us on Ink, she's a real survivor.


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