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Dec 26, 2003
Im almost done setting up my octopus tank, i have to buy live Rock and lighting yet, i was thinking about getting a 4ft floresent light kit with a timer set up ,30w light.

my question is if i have the light on about 8h-10hrs a day, is that going to be enough to keep my "live rock" alive. and also be comfortable for a bimac?

What do you have for live rock what kind of lighting do u use?

fyi im getting about 55lbs of Rock and using a Marineland Emperor 400. 55 gal tank
you will need a protein skimmer too, as for the rock yes it will stay "alive" in that the bacteria will still live and filter the water but there will be little if no coralline growth. I have found that coralline grows best under VHO and power compacts.

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