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Lighting for eggs?


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 17, 2006
:biggrin2: Wow! My baby cuttles are flashing color and showing interest in me and they just hatched!http://www.tonmo.com/forums/images/smilies/new_color_.gif
:rainbow: I've been on cloud nine all day. Two have hatched I'm hoping the other 7 hatch soon. I have a question about lighting for my remaining eggs. I noticed my two that have hatched really come alive when the light is on but I thought I read that to keep the eggs comfy keep them without light. I turned the light on for about 1 minute but then I started to worry about my eggs. Should I wait till they all hatch before putting them on a regular lighting schedule or will the eggs be o.k.? I don't want to stress them out. Also, will it be o.k. to offer food to the ones that have hatched if there being housed with their siblings who haven't? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Christopher.
Thanks, I'll continue to leave the lights off till they all hatch. I have some tigger pods coming tomorrow morning for my ten gallon I set up a few days ago, I put some cheatomorpha in the ten gallon for the tiggers to hang out in and will be feeding them phytofeast. I'm gonna try to feed them a couple frozen mysids and see what happens. I appreciate the help.

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