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Mar 25, 2005
After my power head incodent with my first octo, i just recieved a octopus macropus, i dont know if thats the same as a bimac. this one seems to be whiteish pink, not brown like your common bimac. but he/she is straight out of Bali, wild caught, roughly a 2 1/2 inch mantle atm. He/she has just been dripped into the tank and disappeared into a cave. :D
Its ok, Imoved it across for you :)

Octopus bimaculoides (bimac) and Octopus macropus are 2 different species. macropus is normally a reddish colour with white dots Google pics

Straight out of Bali is more likely to be a species we see from time to time called Octopus aculeatus. Try a search on this site for information about other people's experiences with them.
Importantly though, aculeatus is a tropical species and needs warm water compared to a bimac (high 70s low 80s)
i saw the order form that it came in on, said macropus, so i pretty sure thats what it was. it was whiteish when i put him in the tank but the bucket i dripped in was white so thats prolly y..
Jamie604, please trust us when we tell you that importers often misclassify (if that is even a word) the cephs they capture from the wild and ship to us ceph enthusiasts. My briareus, Jebidiah, was listed as a joubini on my invoice. My O. mercatoris was also listed as an O. joubini.
If you do a Google image search for Octopus macropus, you will find several images. They are not all O. macropus, but most are of octopuees in that group. The tell tale spots down the arm are usually obvious.

A search for O. aculeatus also results in several hits. Notice that there are no spots.

It is very rare that an O. macropus comes in from Indonesia. O. aculeatus are fairly common.

same thing happened to me

that is the same thing that happened to me! my octo was firstcalled a brarus but thyen when I got the bill it said another type but I an pritty shure its a brarius .that is the ony real problem with www.divertom.com but all retailers do this. :wink2:

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