[Cuttlefish]: My Bandensis, Sugarbear, Clyde, Skelator, & Patricia

My thoughts were to do a bath for them, then to feed the medicated shrimp to Skelator at least as he is still eating well.
I was still going to try to feed Sugar the live food.
I think I will refridgerate a few medicated shrimp and try to get her to eat those from me.
I did try putting some thawed krill on a string and moving it around in front of them. It worked a few times for sugar, Skelator just started hating me lol.
I did see a lecture given by the girl who does the Daisy Hill Cuttlefarm. She said that getting their arms to grab the food was key. That its more instinctual. So I started putting the krill right in front of them and under their arms.
This just stressed them out and they started rejecting the live food for a few days after.
I am going to try again with Sugar. I have seen that even though you cannot stop the infection they will live longer if you can get them to eat.
Sugarbear is still alive. But she is not doing well. She spins almost constantly, Skelator has taken to wedging himself in the corner where she is spinning so she can bounce off him when she gets stuck in the corner. She is no longer able to catch live shrimp, but has begun eating dead shrimp off the bottom of the tank. She is getting skinny and weak. The tetracycline isnt really doing much. She is such a strong little cuttle but she is not the same person anymore. I think its time to put her down. Im sure she is just miserable!!!
I have seen the article on ceph euthanasia. Has anybody used any of these methods? Any that are preferred? I am worried that by the time I track down the things I need and get them to my house she will be gone already. But I know I dont want to make her suffer any longer so I need to try.

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