Sep 1, 2003
Kind of self-explanatory, huh? Just try name a bizarre species of cephalopod! Either try to name the first one, or try to think of a weirder one... If you think of a good one, just give clues to it and try to get others to guess it!

Here's the first odd cephalopod:

*clears throat*
1. Lives veeeeeeery deep
2. Isn't as terrifying as its name suggests
3. Is no squid or octopus at all
4. There is no fourth clue. Muahahahaha!
Me thinketh you be talkin aboot Vampyroteuthis

Here's one back at you:
The male is tiny, the female huge
She has warts
Vampyroteuthis? Whoah, you're good....

I'm guessing Moroteuthis. But that's quite a stumper.


1. Think Daddy Longlegs
2. Think really weird....
3. Think NEW....
4. Think BIG!
DocidicusGigas said:
1. Think Daddy Longlegs
2. Think really weird....
3. Think NEW....
4. Think BIG!


It must be the "Mystery Squid," which I have not seen conclusively ID'ed or named, but has been linked to the Chiroteuthid line (which you can see more of if you click here.)

To see another big, thus-far-unknown squid, hie thee over to the "Physiology and Biology" forum and check out the photographs of "Mystery Squid 2."

Here's one for you:

What squid's name sounds like a mobile-telephone manufacturer?


Steve:It's got to be a nautilus. (I looked it up) :tomato: must... stop.. ..tomatoing........myself... :tomato: :tomato: :tomato:

Here's a new one (also one clue):
The most sexually dimorphic cephalopods.
DocidicusGigas said:
WHOA! Tintenfisch got it!!!!!!

She's got skills; shame she's got a one-way ticket on a slow-boat to China.

Nautilus wasn't actually the one I was thinking about ... so there are 2 (you've got to find the other)
Tintenfisch said:
I suppose Teleoteuthis compacta (now Onychoteuthis) only counts as a mobile service provider... :wink:

Oh my dear sweet Je--

That's damn good, Tintenfisch, but not the critter I was thinking of. You've got three of the letters in hand...you must be holding back.

Squid whose name sounds like a mobile-phone maunfacturer...

A squid who's trying to gobble up other squid's names and replace them with its own...

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