Lerxst- our own rock star!

I'm so overdue on posting- but everything with Lerxst is great. He is the most fun octo I've had. The girls realized the other day that we've had him longer than any other so far, but it helps when they aren't already senescent when you get them! He likes to help clean his tank, but all I have to do is give him my little net to play with and he lets me do my job. Now if I could convince Bruce that terrier hair is not required filter media...

Lerxst is used to our routine and has even become more comfortable with the unpredictable movements from the dog and kids. He sleeps in the brightest part of the day but he's out in the morning til 9:30- 10, and comes back out in the afternoon. It's fun having an animal that people can actually see! He quit trying to envelop my whole hand, but still tries pull it around the tank. He likes to swim around in the evening, and we are glad that he has a enough of room to do so. He also likes to stretch out. He'll come out of the hole in the large chunk of Texas Holey Rock and stretch out his front two arms so that it looks like he's stretching out as he's waking up. The girls love this.

I got a macro lens a month ago and got some great shots of his suckers, but then had some computer issues so I still have to post them. I've been practicing with the lens a lot, but there are lots more pics getting deleted than saved right now!
Thats great!
Lerxst sounds just like young Legs! I so excited for you! I just hope for your sake Lersxt does eat as much as Legs :roll:
I sent a quick note to Lynn and Carol with a link to the thread and this was Carol's response:

Thanks Denise, I saw the pics and read the threads and kept going, that forum is addictive!!! Im glad the octo is doing well. They are such gorgeous animals!!!!

The note was not signed but you can bet on it being from Carol as Lynn would not use the word gorgeous when referring to octopuses :sagrin:
Still here!

I've somehow found a moment to myself! I'm happy to report that everyone is dong fine- dads, kids and octopus! Here are the promised pics with the macro lens- I've gotten better but Lersxt still won't hold still on cue... The best luck I've had was to jam a feeding stick near the glass so he was in one place (where I wanted him) for a bit.

Lerxst is a fun octo to have around- growing, social and interested in what's happening in the living room. He comes out when we're around and sleeps when we're not. Frequently he'll be in his den when you come into the room but comes out if you stick around longer that 5 minutes or so. It's fun to have an octo that actually comes out when people are over. The girls are continuously amazed that he is still alive! He doesn't always play when I'm cleaning the tank, but this week he gave me a real work out- keeping track of him while the tank lid was open. He's still taking hermit crabs as well as stick feeding on raw shrimp. Some times he carries around a crab for a while before eating it which is kind of funny to watch- like a toddler too distracted to eat it's candy.:smile:


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One more macro shot

I forgot to add this one on and it's my favorite! I love all the detail of the suckers as they hold onto the feeding stick.


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Glad you reported in (particularly on you dad). Can you do a video/time lapse with the macro in place? It would be cool to record the sucker movements.
No news is good...

Been so busy, yeah, I know- I need to get a new line! I thought I'd get a chance to get caught up on posting last weekend because we went to the cottage, but the internet hadn't been turned on for the season yet...

Things with Lerxst are going as usual. He had some sedentary days last week and I got a bit worried, but I think he over ate the day I through in the extra hermit crab. I've gone almost completely to hermit crabs with this one because when I stick feed him he leaves the left overs where I can't find them. About a month ago I noticed the tank smelled yucky and the nitrates were up, then after moving his den I found a chunk of disguarded shrimp. Every other octo I've had has left what they don't want where I could find it. I do think he's a little less tame since he's been stick feeding less, but it's made a huge difference in keeping the H2O good.

He's used to the dog and doesn't hide when Bruce starts barking out the window anymore! He'll come out any time of day as long as the bright lights are off, and sometimes I'd swear he's waiting to come out if I'm late turning the lights out. It's always hit or miss whether he'll be out when I cleaning the tank- he's the most unpredictable octo I've had as far as being social goes. He's just moody!
Lerxst is the BEST!

Nothing new to report about Lerxst, just that I am totally in love with him! It's been very stressful around here, Elise got a stomach bug that landed us in the E.R. for some I.V. fluids with some carbs she couldn't throw up! But Lerxst just cruises the tank and does his thing- which is to provide hours of relaxation and stress relief for us all!
Life of the party!

Elise had a slumber party last weekend for her birthday. Four other 9 yr. old girls came, and Lerxst was the star of the show. The first tank they noticed was the 20 gal., and they were so impressed with the hermit crabs! Elise and I thought that was funny because we're so jaded now we hardly think of them as anything but food. Elise instructed them on how to approach Lerxst's tank, and the ooohs and ahhhs started flying when he started climbing up the glass. Then he began to swim around, and one little friend said, "Oh, I never get to see this kind of thing! I've never seen an octopus swim in my whole life! This might be the only time I'm ever THIS close to a real, live octopus!" Very funny and rewarding, that kids so young were so appreciative of experience.

It's Stanley Cup play off time, and I have noticed that Lerxst is beginning into senescence. This is the same time Ozzy began last year. He completely ignores shrimp on a stick, and I've noticed for the first time that the last 2 hermit crabs I put in for him are still alive. That means he hasn't eaten for a week. He is out a lot more, but not physically interactive. In fact, he's inked twice in the last week when approached too quickly. He seems to want to be out a lot, but for us to be sitting a more of a distance than before. He is looking paler, but I hardly turn the white lights on anymore so his color might be better than I realize. He still changes color if he's irritated, but his texture seems to be a bit smoother.

I think he's still got some time, but I'd feel better if he would eat. He doesn't look big enough to be ready for this change! I have mentioned it to my family so that they are prepared. They really like Lerxst a lot, and they've grown more attached. I mentioned that when Lerxst goes I'd like to try tank raising briareus, and they're totally into it!
I mentioned that when Lerxst goes I'd like to try tank raising briareus, and they're totally into it!
:thumbsup: ... but easier said than done. Best guess to start would be to contact Tom and explain that you want and adult with a bloated looking mantle but you take the risk of a post hatch female.
Lerxst has passed...

Well, the ending came a bit sooner than I had hoped. Lerxst died on Thursday night, but I haven't had a chance to post until now. He was hanging on the side of the tank, I approached so I could watch him, and he looked me in the eye, then simply let go of the side and died. He wasn't breathing hard or stressed, it's hard to watch them die when it takes a long time, I'm so glad that it was that fast. Lerxst seemed to peacefully, just go.

Now every time I pass the tank I experience "phantom Lerxst," where I automatically look for him out of habit, then remind myself that he's gone. I'm so glad to have had such a long time (cephalopodally speaking) with such a beautiful animal. He brought a lot of joy and education to many kids who would never have had a chance to see an octopus otherwise!

So long, Lerxst!
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