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Oct 20, 2005
Me and a buddy have been experimenting with LED light rigs on his 200g moray tank and we've worked alot of bugs out. I'm leaning towards using them on my octo tank. Is anyone else using LED's on their tank? If so, what are you using and what are your thoughts?
Im definately gonna use led's on my tank. There is a store here (NZ) that has a christmas tree setup with a control, for different light settings, and 90 blue leds, for about $28USD
Another thing you could use is those cathod lights that are for car dashboards,mini versions of the fluro things under boy racer cars (yuk)

They are pretty cheap and look real cool- on a fish tank, (not a car)

Since an octo doesnt care what light it gets aslong as its not too bright, LED's are perfect. They are cheap, compact, and WAY more efficient than a "proper" light.
Also you can get any colour you want.
after adding led's to my tank all the critters seem to be doin better. my octo comes out more at night and its easy to see him under the subdued blue lighting.
well I dont use them in my fish tank but I use therm on my computer and xbox they dont overheat thats why they are popular but I can see why you would use them in a fish tank.
i got crabs said:
the subdued blue lighting.

Yeah, that's what I'm going for. I've done a little research and discovered that if you use ultra blues in the 460-470 nm range it a perfect recreation of a actinic pc bulb. It also works better if you use 5-10mm size bulbs.
I was also curious if it would increase activity during daylight hours. I guess it does. A warning though for anyone who's interested. The store bought, blue, moonlight units are NOT actinic (if your picky about that sort of thing like I am).
I was also curious if it would increase activity during daylight hours.
yeah ive noticed alot more late shift activity after adding the led's. amphipods, copepods and small stars all come out after lights out and my octo will usually sit at the base of his den and watchover the tank. also the river shrimp that are still holding out will usually swim together at this time circleing each other and then descending to the bottom of the tank.
I am very interested in LEDs, as I understand it, the power consumption is a lot lower than that of a comprarible lumes setup using pc's. Is there an online source that you guys trust and go to? There isn't a lot down here in Mississippi.
ive got a 16x1watt led strip on my reef tank that is amazing if you put them on your tank make sure its at an angle to the water and you will get the ripple effect all over looks very nice im going to eventually make another one for my octo tank
Hi MUNKBUTT, I used blue mixed cold white leds before, but now I am changing all to rgb waterproof les plus controllers to dim and color so that I can get nice mood light.

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