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Kent Marine Nautilus te skimmer

Sorry havnt used that one. If you go onto a website that specialises in reef fish they often have online reviews and best buys... if you get stuck I'll look a couple out for you, let me know :smile:

In theory they are pretty good, especially the new EX, with Quadri-helical injection :? . But I have not used one either.
I have used loads of different skimmers. The Deltec range is considered excellent, especially the APF600.
If you can't get hold of one of these then then Turboflotor Multi 1000 is the next best thing of an equivalent size.
Jason is right!

I have AquaMedic 1000 and 5000 skimmers and they seem to be the best I have had. I think they are a bit pricey in the USA I beleive that Nancy priced them????

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