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keeping cuttlefish...


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 31, 2003
Hi guys!

i'm new to ceph, my tank's cycle 2 mths oredi, my question is do cuttlefish need strong current in it's tank? issit possible to train them to feed on frozens? any methods to share? :D

i've fed older cuttles thawed shrimp and they do fine. an occasional live treat woudn't hurt though. how big is the tank out of curiosity? cuttlefish need lots of horizontal space...
Hi, and welcome! :welcome:
I hear if you plan to get smaller cuttlefish, they can only eat live foods like shrimp and small crabs/hermit crabs when they are smaller than 50mm or 5 cm. After that, you can ween them onto FRESH frozen food, like fish or clams or maybe squid :shock: but make sure you feed them live foods too (you wouldn't want to live off of canned food all of your life!)
What size tank are you planning to get? Some cuttles get too big for some tanks, so get the biggest you can!
Also, if you live in the US, it can be sometimes (or most of the time) challenging to get a cuttlefish, but they may have something in the buy/sell/trade forum. Also, you can look at the NRCC website (they only sell to people who are part of reseach organizations though).
Best of luck!
:welcome: to Tonmo.com!!

Seeing you're from the same place, getting cuttles won't be much of a problem. Just curious, where is ur source? :heee: Any species that you are looking for in particular?

Cuttles don't really need strong currents and the more common species like bandensis will attach itself to rocks If the current is too strong. But just dont make it too strong :wink2: .

I find that it is quite easy to feed cuttles frozen food as long as it looks real. Smaller prawns from a market will do fine. Thaw the food, then put the food near the current is so it will look like its moving. If it just keeps staring at it but doesn't eat it, use a stick and move it a little.

Do remember to feed it fish occasionally as they will need calcium for their cuttlebone :)
Hello fluffysquid & lotus101,
I'm from singapore! My tank is 30in by 18in by 18in, for the moment is only housing a cuttlefish, my source told me the cuttle is from indonesia. Hw to measure the total length of the cuttle? :)

Hello joel_ang, i was thinking if they were kept like seahorse, will that do? slow current, skimmer, ehmim liberty 200. Bro is there any other specis avail in singapore? my source is Reb**n. :D
I got my first cuttle from reborn too, do you know what species the cuttle is? There are 2 other places I know where to get cuttles but one of them only stocks on bandensis while the other only stocks their cuttles seasonaly.

Cuttles are ussually measured by mantle length as their arms and tentacles can be streched or shrunk quite a bit. What size is your cuttle?

That flow rate will be fine. Other species of cuttlefish that can be found in our area are:

Sepia (Acanthosepion) aculeata
Sepia (Acanthosepion) brevimana
Sepia (Acanthosepion) recurvirostra
Sepia (Sepia) latimanus
Sepia (Sepia) pharaonis

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