Kalypso (O.briareus)

Well, it was in the bag for less than 24 hours, about 15 hours total. And considering the ratio of his size to the amount of water in the bag I don't think it was an issue.

Well, she had been resting on the bottom of the critter keeper under a rock last night when I went to bed but no sign of Kalypso this morning. I'm sure she's hiding in the rocks somewhere... unless she managed to climb out of the critter keeper into the tank! In which case it will probably be a while before I find her again but there is a ton of snails, pods, and hermits.
Nothing too phenomenal to report so far for Kalypso. Before I went to bed last night she was munching down on a hermit, and still sitting in the same spot when I got up. I laid back down for a little while (gotta take advantage of my days off when I can!) and when I got up she had disappeared. I turned the lights out at 6 this evening, and by 6:30 she was hanging out under a rock, feeling around in holes so I dropped another hermit in close to her and she grabbed it and held on to it for a while. A little later she had let go of it and it was crawling away so to my surprise she didn't eat it. I thawed out a piece of sand eel, stuck it on a skewer, and offered it. She gladly accepted it but apparently she doesn't think they taste very good. I'm going to try and remember to bring my krill home from work and offer a piece of that tomorrow night. Otherwise she still has plenty of hermits and snails, and an emerald crab I can throw in if she gets too picky.

I'll try to get something on video but right now I'm viewing with red light only. She doesn't seem to react when we turn on the light in the room so I'm happy about that.

As of right now she's in another spot under the rock, and all I can see is her tiny eyeballs poking out around an edge.
Another video shot during acclimation.

I have successfully gotten Kalypso to accept pieces of frozen shrimp from the end of a stick. I have been adding larger hermit crabs every couple of days and the larger ones seem to be preferred as there are still many of the tiny hermits that were sent along with Kalypso. Last night was my best view of her in several days, but she stays at the bottom of the keeper, in between the rocks where it's hard to see her.
Thanks D.

Here are some pictures of the tank.


I hope Kalypso doesn't destroy my clam. It's pretty "attached' to the rock it lives on. The duncanopsammia will go to another tank because I fear it would be destroyed and I can't get any good information as to whether it is aggressive or not.
Another pic of the Duncan for good measure... :smile:



The echinophyllia will definitely be removed because it has long sweeper tentacles at night. And I love it so I wouldn't want to see it get smashed up.
Otherwise there are several kenya tree pieces (spreads like crazy) green star polyps, yellow finger leather, anthelia, palythoas and zoanthids. If they get torn apart they'll most likely just regrow and spread faster.
This is Kalypso's current residence.
front view:

side view:

The rocks have lots of holes and caves for her. I tried turning them so that the hole she chose would be easier to view, but she just chose another spot that was even harder to find so now I'll just toss in a couple of hermits and snails every other day for a few weeks and let her grow up a bit.
You might want to think about removing the beautiful clam. I lost mine to a knobby starfish (who, as it turns out is going to go on my recommended list for octo clean-up crew) but I was going to move it before putting in an octopus since by-valves are an octo favorite.

So far, Octane is doing fine with the Kenya and polyps (brown and sun) and a small piece of Xenia. I removed my flower anemones (and am still sick about killing one in the process, especially since I had worked with it for months after it shrunk to dime size and fully recovered to 4"+ diameter). When the flowers were fresh from the wild (I have had them for over a year now), they would sting me when I cleaned the tank and my arm would have a rash for a day or so (and itch) every week. This stopped happening and I don't know if it is because they were moved to a larger diameter tank (a move prior to this one) and were less aware of my actions or if they loose the ability in a closed system (like seahare inking, it looses the ability if there is no red algae to eat).
Looking at my clam last night after lights out and again this morning, it appears to be rearranging itself so perhaps its foot isn't as attached to the rock as I had thought. I'll probably put it high up in the seahorse tank when the time comes.
I would move the duncan. It will sting, though it probably isn't as aggressive as some other corals. On mine the tentacles always get stuck in my acan, and I found one today in my Leptastrea. They always seem to get it, not the other way around. It does sting some zoos that are nearby though; they are almost always closed. I am also beginning to worry about my blue tort because when the duncans stretch out they get really close to it.
Yeah, the duncans and chalice are both going elsewhere, maybe the refugium. I don't know what I'm going to do with the clam though. Might try sticking it way up high in the seahorse tank, VHO t-12's though...

Thanks for clarifying that.

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