Kalypso (O.briareus)

Sep 8, 2006
Okay, well I just got this little guy from Tom's Carribean (thanks again for the tip Joe!)..


He's in an 8oz plastic Dixie cup... you can see the dwarf blue-leg hermits next to him to compare size.

WOW he/she is TINY!

Video coming soon.

Yeah, there's about a dozen hermit crabs and tiny snails too. I saw the bag and thought, "oh cool, he sent hermits and snails too"... and then I saw a tiny pink wad of goo... hah! He said the "head" was dime-sized, but it's closer to a peanut. About the same size as Einy was when I got him.
Thanks! I don't know if I can handle another "here today, gone tomorrow" animal.

I came home with the package and found my tank was full of green caulerpa soup. Perfect timing, huh? Soooo I filled the critter keeper with new saltwater and a tiny bit of tank water and about 10lbs of live rock and a bubbler for circulation, floating it in my tank until I can do a massive water change, tonight or tomorrow. The skimmer is running overtime. About 6 hours later now and the baby seems fine. Has itself squished between a rock and the plastic wall. Glad it chose a hiding place where I can still see it. Seriously, it looks like a wad of chewing gum! I still can't believe how small it is!

Damn the caulerpa! I just pruned a bunch out of it so this wouldn't happen! Prime example of why caulerpa should be boycotted.
He said he had another one with a "2-inch head" but he would have to use another box, more shipping cost, etc (we ordered a bunch of gorgonias too). So I went with the smallest one he had... that's what I got! I'm kinda scared! I had to go back to work after I was done acclimating it so I've been very anxious to get back home.
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