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Jul 24, 2003
Hi to everyone. I am new to octopus husbandry but not new to saltwater. I have a couple mixed reefs and keep many corals and a few anemones for the last couple years. I love this stuff more than anything and i needed a change from the reef so i got my first O. Bimac a few weeks ago. I am still learning much about these wonderful creatures. I have the tank at like 77 degrees and plan to lower it imediately but slowly much to my horror the LFS had them in 82 degrees.so i figure I should lower it slowly not just drop it in a day? It is eating very well. 4 days almost 20 hermits. Not shy at all. I wanted to find something to entertain it like some plastic containers with food in them and such. Should i put small PVC pipes for it to play with? I figure something as smart as octopus should have something to do other than try to escape. I also had some question on the proper salinity and what to feed it other than hermits. I was thinking ghost shrimp but it is still tiny a new born captive breed. I have not been turning the lights on which are two N/O bulbs but seems aweful bright but i was reading they are active in the day. I do have 2 other tanks that light the ceph tank pretty well but if i should turn the lights on please let me know.

Thanks alot for any help
Hi SWJ! Welcome to TONMO.com!

You've come to the right place -- you'll definitely find like-minded people over in the four Cephalopod Care forums. They're quite eager to exchange knowledge. Best of luck!
hey tomno,

thanks for the warm welcome. I have already been reading the cephalopod forum. I have alot of catching up to do on this subject from what i see.

thanks again
Hi welcome to TONMO.com

feel free to post any questions or observations on the ceph care forums.

also make sure you add your octo tank to the database that we are building and send some pics along to the forums too

Colin :smile:
Welcome to Tonmo and congrats on your new bimac...we can all hardly wait to hear more!
Wow i have never gotten such a warm welcome as a new board member. You have made me feel at home It is really appreciated. The pic of the lego is just what i was looking for thanks joel i know i have some lego in the basement some where finding them will be interesting. I am going to post some questions in the ceph forum later today. I see i need a name for my octopi. I will wait till i see some personality come out we are still getting to know each other. :biggrin2: Thanks again everyone
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