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Just like to introduce myself..


Feb 20, 2007
Hey all, I live in S. Texas, about 30 minutes from the gulf of Mexico. I was first introduced to our 8 legged friends about 4 years ago during a snorkeling spree with my sister. Ever since that first encounter, I look forward to July-August every year more and more as a chance to get back in the water with these guys.

I stumbled across your site on a whim when I was looking up something for a friends tank, have to say there's a large wealth of information to be had here and I hope to get as much of it as I can. I don't exactly feel competent enough(at least not now) to ever own one of these little critters but it's a joy to read about other people's stories.

For now I'm thinking about getting a tank set up so I can see what all there is to a saltwater setup. Thought I'd introduce myself as I've spied into a lot of posts, going back awhile, hehe. Maybe after some time with a normal setup I'll take the dive, but for now I'm going to bum around and get as much info as I can from you guys.
:welcome: :cuttlehi:

I know how that goes; I've been hanging around for years, and haven't got a tank yet... but I'm slowly moving in that direction...

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