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ive got a cunning plan

:) There was a plan once... Nancy, Colin and I had once very seriously embarked on such a project -- a couple years ago now. It kinda fizzled out, but we had a fairly good start at it.

Just think -- a book on ceph care, including excerpts taken from this board... I believe I was just gonna write the forward, so it would be easy for me... :D

It's still a good idea I think! Nancy, Colin, PM or email me if you want to start again, I've still got all the materials we created in '02. :)

mcatee123 said:
nah i think the site should use some of the money to adopt more coral reef or invest it or a breeding programe or reasearch or sumpin'

aye, right then :wink2:
mcatee123 said:
we could also donate it to steve o'shey to help in the hunt for the giant colosal squidy thing :madsci:
I want to donate 20% of TONMO.com subscriptions for that purpose, but can't seem to find the right avenue to make that happen. Steve, if you're reading, let me know if you have a contact for me!


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