It don't get no fresher than this...

Euprymna said:
Don't know if this has been posted earlier but :shock: The koreans likes their octopus really fresh!!

- YouTube

:shock: :shock:


:yuck: I'm not opposed to eating cephs as a rule, but it seems like that's pretty cruel to do to an intelligent-enough-to-probably-be-aware animal. (I figure oysters, for example, don't really much know what's going on). It also seems like you'd be at pretty high risk for a lot of beak bites on your mouth, tongue, esophogus, and stomach... "try the blue ring, Albert, it's a delicacy" comes to mind...
it seems a little better than getting thrown into boiling water. but i have to try that someday. it doesnt look like it tastes great but you know it looks like the coolest sensation ever. supposedly a few people have died from the octopus clinging to a tonsil or something.
Yeah, I chose not to even watch it through... the snarky announcer and script shows that the intelligence of the creatures in the dish were superior to those who produced the show... and probably the people eating as well... but I'm more annoyed with the glamorization / exploitation of it all... for some cheap production that was probably watched and quickly forgotten by a few thousand viewers. Pleh!
yeah, i agree crull.. i wouldnt mind seeing those people in a small bowl with a chopstick stuck up their butt..

I saw something similar on the travel channel not long ago (think it was Anthony Bourdain). While I pretty much feel that protein is protein (hell I've even eaten armadillo), and ocotopus is pretty tasty, I can't see eating octos live. Now tentacles in tempura with a little sweet and sour sauce that's another story.
besides feeling deeply disturbed and rather quesy, all I can say is that if I ever get served that in a restaurant, I will have an aquarium under the table for them.

save the squid :squid: !

:archi: not equal to :popcorn:
well I sort of agree with you guys, it's very cuel the way they handle them but do not assume the animals turned into squid rings were killed in a more respectful manner...
saying this, I will never eat octopus like that...simply because I like my food to be cooked!


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