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Is something wrong? And can you tell the species here?

Feb 9, 2004
Hi all.
I got this octo last week.

I have it by itself in a tank that use to have seahorses in it.
the refugium has about 30-40lbs of LR.

I believe the temp is to high in the tank. It is 80 degrees.

I'd say 90 percent of the time, it is just sitting at the top of the glass near the water line.
I built it a cave with some LR but it never goes in it.
Anyone have some input as to what is wrong that could cause that kind of behavior.
I don't know if it has eaten yet, I have been keeping some ghost shrimp in the tank for it to eat.
here is a link to a pic.
Can you tell what species it is, I was told it is likely not a bimac due to its size.
Amonia and Nitrite are 0.
Nitrate < 20
Salinity 1.025 - 1.026
Since putting the octo in the tank, I've only been turning on half the lights.
2 x 36watt power compacts.
Complexify? you just complexified stuff even more.

:welcome: to TONMO.com!!

The octo doesn't look to good, how long ago did you get it and is it still feeding?
back to the thread :wink:

The octopus is a large adult briareus (bimacs can get this big)

Looks to me like an adult nearing the end of its natural lifespan. This is the time of year in the wild when the briareus octopuses have long ago mated and have reared/are rearing eggs and wont live for too much longer. Hence the pale colour and refusal to hide/feed

Sorry but this doesnt seem so good :frown:

Hope this doesnt put you off octopuses, maybe get a captive bred baby bimaculoides next time for a much longer lifespan?

PS 80 Deg F is fine for briareus
PPS if it was a healthy octopus this pipes would be a perfect escape route!!!!

Have a google search for octopus senescence for a better understanding of what's going on
Yea, i already read about that and knew there was a possibility of getting one near the end of its life.

The pipes in that picture are the return, 600gph coming through there.

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