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Is my tank ready?


Jul 17, 2006
So Iv had my tank running for about 2 moths. It finished cycling the first month. This month the water parameters have been consistent.
pH; 8.2-8.4
ammonia; 0
nitrite; 0
I have also sealed off any possible escape routs and confirmed that their are no traces of copper.
Is their anything else i need to do to prep the tank(aside from entertainment)
Right now i have hermits crawling about and tomorrow ill be getting a star or two,then it will take me a week or two to find the right octopus source. My hermits have been around for about a month so does this sound like a reasonable plan?
(i'm aware that the crabs will probably be eaten)
Over the next month you need to try to increase your bio-load without causing a new cycle. You can feed your crabs a little fish food (pellet, preferably for SW works well but even FW will work). Stir you substrate, muck up your pretty water. Add and feed your stars or serpents. Feeding your clean up crew will be discontinued after you add your octo but it will help stimulate the amount of bio material your tank will handle.
iv been keeping a damsel in thier for bioload feeding it regularly. When i do water changes i kick up allot of debris. over the 1-2 weeks that i have the stars should the bioload be sufficient?
It sounds like you're on the right track. How big is the tank again?

Also, it might take you more than a week or two to find the octopus of your dreams. If you have a particular species in mind it might take patience.

rectangular 50gallon. Ill probably get a bimac, if it takes longer to locate than two weeks thats fine too.

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