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Is it worth it

Oct 8, 2006
Hello im new to this site and I have my 1st question

I have a 40gal reef tank that is great and one day I thought about adding an octopus. I found out that would not work but after doing all this research I decided I would get a new tank just for an octopus. Now I have read that the biggest octopus (which I could not even get id have to get a smaller version cuz im thinking of getting 50-100gal tank) only live 2 years and so I have one questing b4 I get this setup.

Is it worth it to set all this up pay for them and there food when they will just die in a year or two?
Ok now when they do die...what do u do? do you buy another one should i get two to breed them so there will alwas be one (i hear 2 in a tank does not work but asking anyway) i guess im just not used to having a pet that dies so fast :bugout:
Its possible to breed them if you keep them in separate tanks while they grow, or one very very large tank. The problem is the larvae are very difficult and expensive to care for, so this solution probably isn't worth your while. Add to that the practical difficulty of getting two octos of the same species and different sex :smile:

One thing to keep in mind is cephalopods can cost a lot to feed. The "annual replacement" cost of the animal itself is nothing compared to the monthly cost of live feed. Fortunately most cephs can be trained to eat thawed frozen food, but there are no guarantees and its always best to supplement that with something live.

How much we talking about? cuz i all rdy know tank and setup costs but idk what to feed them or whats best to feed them so i dont know how much like a month or year?
Well, fiddler crabs are available online for about $1.50 each, so at most maybe $50 a month (that is, unless you have a BIG octopus); less if you can convince your octo to eat thawed frozen shrimp every other day.
Absolutly Worth It

I was heavily involved in the saltwater aquarium hobby over 12 years ago, and was one of the first of my friends to keep an octopus. It lived for 8 months and was the most exciting and memorable experience of my entire saltwater hobby. There is no other aquarium life that is so intersting and intelegent. If you keep in touch with the people on this chat board I feel sure that you will have a rewarding experience and that you won't regret it; and will probably help others to do the same.
I have been hooked on octopuses for probably a good 20+ years. They are the most intrigueing, intelligent, amazing animals I have ever experienced. While it is very sad they live such short lives, the way I have come to terms with it is when I know an octopus is near the end, I go get another. This way I have the pleasure of continuously having one, sometimes 2 in my home. They absolutely are worth every second of the time you have with them.

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