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Inking question

Jul 22, 2005
Hi Everyone,
We have had our Balinese octopus for less than a week, and he inked when we moved him from his favorite hiding spot in the tank. Please advise if this is dangerous for him to do, and what is the chemical composition of the ink? Does it cause the tank to become unbalanced with regard to pH, nitrites and ammonia levels? I noticed the levels had risen a bit since he was put in the tank last Friday.
We put 5 glass shrimp in there last night before we went to bed so the lights in the room would be turned off for his sense of privacy, and this morning when we arose, he was sitting by the front glass of the tank exploring his new home.
Thanks for the help,
Hi and glad to hear that Charmin is doing well!

Inking is normal and doesn't seem to hurt our octos but it must be removed promptly. Some ink is heavy and like a blob and can be removed with the famous "panty hose net". Most of the time it's like a dense smoke screen. This is when your protein skimmer does its best work but carbon is also useful for removing ink.

I never noticed it affecting various water parameters - most likely it's your octo and its food that are causing some variation in the figures.

Have to get back to you on the composition of the ink - I did some research on that topic a few years ago.

inking question answered

Hi Everyone,
Thanks, Nancy for the information. I was afraid Charmin was going to be a dead duck after he inked which was just a light gray cloud. There is a charcoal filter in the filtration system so I think we are okay. Some of the glass shrimp have disappeared but he has dug under the sand behind his rock toward the back of the tank. I am hoping with time, he will become more friendly and perhaps even hand-feed if I get up enough nerve to try it.
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