Ink & Lil Pumpkin Update!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since Lil Pumpkin arrived. He has been coming out more, especially when hungry. I do believe he realizes I'm the Food God!!! I stuck my hand in this morning with a frozen prawn, and he took it!! :) I think he's grown. Looks bigger to me. Need to attempt to measure so I have some reference to size. He also has discovered all the little vents on the lid of the pethome and puts his arms through them. Hope there's not gonna be an escape attempt, as I haven't relocated the Jawfish yet, but I am keeping him well fed :) .

Ink is still stock piling shells around her eggs. Sometimes you look in the tank and see these giant shells moving as she's repositioning them. Is it possable she may still be eating? I have been putting green crabs in and I do see shells, but not sure if it's from before the eggs or recent. Note the fading in her pigment, the pale spots. She mainly stays brown now, hardly changes coloring any more. Is this part of the process?

Here's a few new shots! :mrgreen:

Hi Carol,

Good pics of both Ink and Lil Pumpkin.

Don't know where I've read this, but the pale spots are part of the process, as is less color change. I didn't expect her to continue to stockpile shells, like she is doing.

My briareus was almost white after the eggs hatched and never changed colour until she died

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