"Incredible Suckers" documentary availability ?


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 6, 2005
Hi, first of all greetings to all people on this great forum -this is my first attempt to come out of the lurker closet and subsequently my kind-of "Introduce yourself" message packed with a question that is bothering me the late days-

I am a computer graphics student doing a research on Cephalopods for my dissertation and I came across the "Incredible Suckers" documentary which I understand is a must see on the subject. The thing is that I cant find it anywhere on sale, particularly a PAL version of it.
And since this is a BBC production there has to be a European release of it somewhere, right?

any help on this will be greatly appreciated :smile:
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Incredible Suckers was made in 1995 so it may be hard to find by now. This link will take you to my review of the documentary - you may find more information there to help you:

Incredible Suckers

We have a number of members in the UK - they may be able to provide more information on where you could get your hands on this video.

thanks for your reply!
I have already read your review, along with a tone of others on this documentary.
I just didnt think it would be that difficult to aquire, it seemed such a popular one.

Anyway lets hope someone puts it on the Ebay or something cause I dont see Amazon restocking it anytime soon :hmm:
I have a VHS tape of Incredible Suckers. I don't have a way to watch VHS so it's available. It's the format used in the US so it probably would not work on European players. PM me if anyone is interested.


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