New Cephalopod Documentary


Feb 26, 2018
Berlin, Germany
Dear TONMO community,

I'm new here so I hope this is the right place to post this message. My name is Zeke Morgan and I am a filmmaker. I have just started working on a new project about the beautiful and incredible cephalopods. In developing this project I am hoping to speak to some european based Octopus owners about their observations, insights and experiences of living with Octopus. If there is anyone on this forum that would be so kind as to have a casual chat with me over the phone or on Skype please send me a message through TONMO or email me at [email protected]

And if you're interested you can find some of my previous films here
Ezekiel Morgan - IMDb

Thank you all very much in advance!
Cool, you worked on Long Strange Trip and 12-12-12? Both great productions :smile:

Be sure to give credit / visibility to TONMO in your project - :heee: - good luck!
Hi Zeke, my name is Bertrand LOYER (Bertrand Loyer - IMDb), and I am curious to know more about your project, since we are currently in production on a cephalopod show for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNELS, but also some German broadcasters (NDR and ARTE). We are mostly focusing on the predatory and parenting behavior. If you'd like to communicate out of the forum, please use b (dot) loyer (at) saint-thomas (dot) net.

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