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Imported Eggs

Apr 8, 2004
Howdy ho people!

Long time since I posted a thread in here but im back now in force and looking to get some good stuff done again... i'll try and subscribe by the end of the month Tony... dont worry!

Anyway, I've had some eggs imported on a shipment from the Phillippines and was wondering if you had any idea what species they could be.

They are black and of a similar size to that of officianalis but instead of there being a mass of eggs rapped around an object there are around 12 in a cluster stuck together at a central point. I've stripped one of ink and can see that they are fertile so fingers crossed.

Anyone got any ideas??


That is my question too!

My LFS just got a bunch of eggs from the Phillippines-same colors. They said that the eggs were seperate in the bag, but when they put them in the tank they bound together by themselves!

I would like to know the possible species too.
Check out the images at CephBase


As quoted by James B. Wood
This picture is of half developed Sepia pharaonis eggs. The yolk is the ball at the top of the egg. You can see the eyes, siphon, and ink sac. Sepia pharaonis incorporate ink sacs into the egg as opposed to Sepia officinalis which have ink sacs that develop later.

Hope this helps. Also from what I can tell, the eggs develop in about 14 days. Good luck!


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Originally posted by Illithid The eggs I saw were opaque and dark in color.

Sepia pharaonis eggs are supposed to be dark too, the ones from CephBase were not, I don't know if they stripped the outer covering off so they could watch development, or if the eggs were laid that way.
I've reared pharaonis eggs before and they remained white all throughout the development. Would love to have a couple of them though. Think my last batch came from NRCC.

The eggs are bandensis - or at least they look like the photos in the bandensis article, and the eggs did too.

The LFS sold out of what they had, and got in the rest of what the distributor had. I got the rest. 10 eggs @ $3 a egg. The new ones looked like black/brown grapes, and I could see the little guys inside.

One hatched on the ride home. :biggrin2: That was last night and I currently have 4 cuttles scooting around the net breeder.

They are gorgeous. :cuttle:
Well anyway, I brought home 8 eggs today so fingers crossed something nice will happen.

They have been in work for a week today, and when I stripped thet outer ink layer off when they came in I could see a fairly well developed embryo with the yolk sack being around the same size as the mantle.

One cuttle had hatched overnight at work so im hopeful that we could be in luck for some good results.

I've got them in a 10Gal tank at the moment with about 2 inches of live coral sand and a little bio filter. I added a turbo snail for company and it had laid eggs within the first 6 hours... Might turn this tank into a nano reef fairly soon I think!

Hi Andy, keep us up to date

watch out for turbo snails polluting a small tank when they spawn :P

interesting to see what they are :smile:

Colin said:
Hi Andy, keep us up to date

watch out for turbo snails polluting a small tank when they spawn :P

interesting to see what they are :smile:


I brought home about 15 astreas last Monday. Love is already in the...err, gametes are already in the water!


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