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Important Newbie Question


Dec 30, 2003
I am new to the world of keeping Octos and Cephs. I have just purchased the basic equipment I believe I will need, and in the month or so before my tank comes in I am doing a lot of reserach to properly set up the environment. I have read the equipment FAQ, and I want to list out the equipment that I have purchased, and I would like anyone out there to chime in, on what I am missing. Also, I am wondering if my tank and setup will be large enough to keep a O.Vulgaris, or whether I should stay with a Bimac?

I have a 110 Gal. tank
Multiple CPR Bak Pak 2s
Magnum Filter (s)
R/O Unit
I plan on starting with R/O water, live sand and rock for three months.

Should I get a chiller if I get a bimac or a vulgaris?

What else am I missing?

Thank you in advance for any responses.
I think a bimac would do well in a 110 g tank, it would have space to jet around. Vulgaris will try their best to escape from their tanks whilst bimacs seldom even bother.

As for the chiller, it depends on what temperature range you got there and the species you are going to choose. It might be good to get a protein skimmer in case the octo inks.
you could fill a bucket with water and leave it sitting where the tank is going to be and record the water temperature using an aquarium thermometer for a few days, that will tell you if you need a chiler.

It depends on where you live? and Where your octo came from?

You seem to be doing all the right things :smile:
It sounds like you have the beginnings of a terriffic octo tank. Will you be using a reef ready tank. Henry is in a reef ready tank, and I think it helps to simplify the escap proofing of the tank.

I only have three words for you; carbon, carbon, and carbon. Opinions may vary as to the amount and frequency of changing it, but I am sure everyone agrees that carbon is a must.

Good luck!
Since you seem to live in Chicago, your summer room temperature will be important in determining whether you need a chiller for a bimac. Do you always use air conditioning in summer and keep the temperature fairly low (70 degrees or lower)? If so, you may be able to get away without a chiller. I also use a fan on the sump to lower the temperature.

'toys' could also just be things like snail shells and small rocks.
being able to block up the door to its den gives an octopus a more natural and enrihed environment.. small things count :smile:
Thanks more :smile:

In answer to some questions, the tank is a reef ready tank, and although I do have central air in my home during the summer, my house is usually kept at 75 degrees. I understand octos will do okay at 75 degrees, but I want to start off with the best conditions I can have.

The posts on carbon and playthings have been noted, thanks! I want to keep this tank pristine and fun too :smile:.

By the way, does everyone use a canister filter on their tank or is there something better out there?
I prefer to use wet/dry filters and a sump/refugium but canisters are more than capable for an octo tank :smile:

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