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Imperitive Inquiry


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
Imperitive because we are sitting here discussing this right now.
I have two octos. We have always had two octos. Here is the situation.
When we got Smedley, he came out all the time. Then we got Alice and at first she came out for a little while, but then she started to hide all the time. When Smedley died, Alice started coming out all the time. Now we have Butter too, who comes out a little, but hides most of the time. (I hope that whole thing makes sense.)
Do you think that they can see each other and the little one feels insecure and hides? Or might it be that they develop more personality as they get older. We are curious.
Any ideas out there?
They are about 6 feet apart. OH OH OH
My friend just made an observation. Alice hangs out in a particular corner a lot. Butter has his corner too. The corners are diagonal to each other. Straight shot for sight.
I think we may just have too much time on our hands to come up with this stuff.
I had to add a bit of cardboard to the side of a tank once because a briareus was 'hunting' the aculeatus and neither was happy! So it could be that after all
I'd go with the suggestion to block the view of each other. Octi's ARE cannibalistic and the bigger always (almost) eats the smaller. So Butter is possibly a little nervous right now and Alice is.............hungry :lol:

Even if they don't eat each other they may be inclined to set up a dominance hierarchy, which is usually size based and pretty stressful for the little ones who are constantly intimidated and often beaten up!

Good luck!


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