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Im loaded with babies!!!


Feb 9, 2008
East Haven,CT
Im so nervous, theres hundreds floating around, skimmer is shut off just in time last night. What do I do!?!? What to feed?! Im gonna get some video, im in a panicky rush here, I hope some live.
I tried the snow with both brine shrimp and baby seahorses and don't like it. It did not seem to feed anything and mucked up the water quality. Cyclop-eeze and Zooplex have much less effect on water quality and I know mine have eaten it because of the color of their poop.
Octavarium;119212 said:
I should go find some cyclopeeze tommorow then. Is it frozen cubes?

No, I have seen it in two forms. The form you are most likely to find is a red foil pack (the other is a very large block). When I bought it this way I would use a potato peeler and scrape it into the tank (now I buy the large block and break it up with a hammer :twisted:)
I have it in a small canister. it is freeze dried powder. You just have to make sure you submerse your pinch or else it likes to float on top.
Ugh, I visited all stores and came up with nothign but wafer and flake forms. Should I try crushing the flakes? I also bought some dam expensive frozen oyster eggs...should I try these? If not I can feed it to my corals in the other tank.
Try finding the following arcticle:
"Rearing of Octopus vulgaris paralarvae: Present status, bottlenecks and trends"
as well as a search on Roger Villanueva
I have found several articles that have been helpful. My octopus has laid eggs and we are preparing for them. Your video was helpful. Keep us posted.
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