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im back. probally dont remeber me. pygmy octopus question


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2003
Im back after awhile with a new screen name. Couldnt get my password to my old one. My old one was vegetell. I have a 55 gallon tank that i had a pygmy for but he died. Then i converted it to a fish tank and currently houses fish not for a octopus and i used copper safe in it. Well after the fish i got into seahorses and i still am. i have a 55 gallon tank for seahorses. I also have a thirty gallon tank cycled for 2 months. Its a 30 gallon tall. I was wondering if that would be ok for a pygmy octopus. My local fish store gets them in all the time and i would like to try them again but in the thirty gallon in about a month. The thirty gallon housed 6 wild caught seahorses and currently has 6 ocean rider seahorses that are going to be moved to the 55 gallon over the next month. So is it ok for the 30 gallon tank to house pygmy octopus?
Hi again!
30 gal is fine for al small octopuses! No problems there. Just make sure the tank didnt have copper used in it before hand as it can still kill cephs even after a clean out! Dr Caldwell has stated similar findings about his lab cultures.

pygmy octopus

well my 55 gallon is not compadable because i used copper safe in it. The 30 gallon is brand new and so is all the equipment in it.

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