i want a briareus!!!!

Feb 24, 2005
why cant i seem to find a briareus anywhere?

i know that the octopus fishing industry was devistated last year but come on i can go to the bahamas and find one just walking the beaches at night!! i want one! anyone know any divers i can call in florida or the keys and get them to catch me one and ship it? or someone that can put a claypot trap out and catch one that way?
i got mine on ebey, the forst one that was listed on one of the forums on here so i had to buy. thats the mother octo i have had for the past 11 months. the guy is a local diver and the octo was wild caught.
well any other questions please ask.
Did you notice the statement about how difficult briareus are to find in that area because of the hurricanes?

joefish84 said:
are you bidding on it? it has an outragous 45 dollar shipping fee!!!! theres no way it cost that much to ship it!

No, im still looking

But that is a good looking Octi! For a hard to find species currently I think that it is an excellent buy! If I were you I would snatch it up!

well from octopets which is in california to sc it cost me $12 to overnight about 9 months ago so theres no way it can cost $45 to get it anywhere in the US unless they are plannning on shipping it in like 5 gallons of water
Overnighting an envelope through the USPS now costs over $12. I ship a lot of live animals (dart frogs) and I have never heard of overnighting any box for less that $35.
I remember octopets being about 60-70$ plus shipping. That was when an octopus was 20-30$. 45$ doesn't sound that bad, when you figure your overnight a live animal with saltwater.