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I think im going to take the advice to try cuttles


Aug 21, 2004
as many of you have seen my threads

im very bored with octopus's

yes they do intrest me and I love them, but they are just outweighed with bordem

they just aren tout enough and I dont see them enough to hold my attention of wanting to keep them.

So I have posted a thread in the cuttle forum to see if cuttles are for me

what determins if they are for me or not is

1. How much more they are active than octos
2. Ive heard they are free water column swimmers and not hiders like octos?
3. How fast they grow (hope its faster than the bimac)
4.IVe heard they do Extroadinary color changes, I dont know about the species, but on the discovery channel , They are amazing.

and what all they eat. I have heard they dont like snails as preferrred to crabs, shrimp and fish.

if I get one , it will be from octopets.

so waht species is that and is there any good sites other than tonmo that shows more pictures and info about THAT species
They are very active, I very rarely not see mine.. If they have just eaten a LARGE meal, they will become more lethargic and halfway be in the sand, but for the most part hes there entertaining me. They grow fast. The officinalis species is what im refering to. 4-5 inches by 4-5 months and from there they will begin growing faster depending on what you feed them.
Thank you, DHyslop. My point exactly. Didn't you have all 3 of these octopuses at the same time?

I'm a vet. I help people with pet choices all day long. I see people take on too much, and some that just get bored with their impulse choices. Why jump to the next ceph when the first got so boring so quickly? Leave them to those of us who find them incredibly fascinating.

Hey, and I still think goldfish can make great pets.

And who exactly gave you the advice to try cuttles? I must have missed that part.
DocFrye said:
I'm a vet. I help people with pet choices all day long. I see people take on too much.

good point Doc...one of the funniest things I ever saw was at a dog show where a Husband /wife team showed Chihuahas and Great Danes. The husband was around 6'4" and she was 5'1" and you guessed it she showed the Danes he showed the Chihuahas!!!! BUT at least they understood their dogs!


only reason i found the octopus not intresting is cause i never see them

everyone says that the cuttles are out a WHOLE lot more than octos

im intrested in octos, and I have never had one and mistreated it,

you guys , well some of you , act like i jumped on impulse, I didnt, i researched for 1.5 years on the internet before making a plunge to get one.

and now I want to try cuttles,

my decision , no matter what you think i should do ,

i find it time to leave this board, people used to be helpful and answer what you asked and give suggesionts support and advice

no give wisecracs along with the support.
Marinerules, it seems to me you would be happier with a reef aquarium which had fish, shrimp, crabs, and lots going on all the time to watch. I've never heard of anyone bored with their reef tank.

Marinerules....wise cracks were not meant from me at any rate! I just thought the dog thing was funny! BUT having said that surely during your 1.5 years of internet research you would have run across the info that most octopus are a) nocturnal and b) shy???? Go for cutttles by all means but individual variation in behaviour will apply! Some will be laid back and more inclined to snooze under the sand than others !


I think marine rules is getting a bit of a rough deal.
I can very easily see how an octopus could be boring. When I was little I was always disappointed at how the local aquariums octo just stayed in its den.
People here dont generally talk about the boring octos they've kept - , fortunately most people seem to have active ones.

Based on the fact that he has a very large tank, it would seem that cuttlefish might fit his requirements, as they dont hide and most people report that they are always out to beg for food ect.

I think that octopets carries Sepia Officinalis, (the one that gets big!)

I love octos but I can still see that they can be quite boring to some people, especially if they were expecting something that would wrestle with you or wave when you go to work.

Perhaps more contact with your octo could help - hand feeding ect, to get him more used to you being around.
Octos have different personalities (not dependent on the species), so it's possible to get a shy one. Also, they can be more shy when they're young.

Other factors seem to be important, too, such as where you put your tank, how much time you spend with your octo, how you try to play with him and so forth.

We don't have many people who've tried both octos and cuttlefish - certainly they behave very differently. I've seen S. officinalis that were just blending in with their surroundings, so they must not be active all the time.

I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but decided to. Here's a thought. Could it be because you do have 2 in the same tank? Their focus maybe on each other instead of interacting with you. In all the years I have kept octopuses, and I believe the count including before Tonmo has to be around 15, I have never been bored. I guess it is possable as sometimes the hiding baby stage can seem like it goes on forever, Egor is at this point, but still not in the least boring. I myself have never had the pleasure to keep a cuttlefish.

Just my :twocents:
My Cuttle is a lot different then my octo was. (i miss you megas)
Hes out more but he does less.
I mean yeah he does not hide in his cave for a days a time like Megas sometimes did But he doesnt come grab my hand either. Megas liked to play with me and my cuttle just stares at me like i have lost my mind when i try to play with him.
The color changes dont happen all the time. Just when they feel like it.
All in all i had a depper conection to my Octo.
Try sand sharks. They are awesome and move constantly (they have to breathe)
Okay...I held off for a while. now: :mad:

MR...why do you want to bother keeping animals that you obviously don't care much for ? These creatures are not meant to be stuffed into a tank to inflate your ego, or look "cool" for you and your sycophantic friends.
Please, please...give up the ceph keeping, and stick to something else.

rant off.

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